Sean Starr Podcast


Coming to you from Starr Studios in Denison, Texas- this is Coffee With a Sign Painter, a weekly podcast hosted by sign painter Sean Starr that consists of interviews with other sign painters and some of the customers and characters Sean comes across while running his studio.

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Upcoming Episodes:

Mike Meyer of Mike Meyer Signs, Mazeppa Minnesota
Norma Jean Maloney of Red Rider Studios, Austin TX
Sign Painter Joseph Golden, Madisonville, KY
Tattoo Artist Josh Hall, Dallas TX
James Thomas of Bluejacket Sign Co., Los Angeles CA
John Lennig of Big Top Sign Arts, British Columbia
Roderick Treece of Custom Glass Signs, Encinitas CA
Gibbs Connors of Gibbs Connors Signs Philadelphia PA
Michael Wyatt of Full City Rooster Coffee, Dallas TX
John Grenier of Up North Studios, Hessel MI
Lily Smith Kirkley of Lilco Design & Letterpress, Dallas TX
Clark Vogeler of The Toadies, California
Gary Martin of Gary Martin Signs, Austin TX
Sign Painter & Illustrator Colt Bowden, Brea CA
David Smith Ornamental Glass Artist, Torquay UK
Joby Carter of Carters Steam Fair UK
Ira Coyne of IC Signs, Olympia WA
Will Lynes of Lynes & Co., Sydney Australia
Francois Morel of Mo Signs, Paris France
Sign Painter Warren Lunt, Denton TX
Jonathan Morris of Fort Worth Barber Shop, Fort Worth TX
Meredith Kasabian of the Pre-Vinylite Society, Boston
Gypsy Caravan Painter Sarah Harvey, Devon UK
Mark Fair of Mark Fair Signs, Montogmery AL
Kevin Marshall of Bullseye Bikes & Marshall Board Track Racers, Denton TX